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Thank you for checking out these docs! The Boerman.Networking library provides simple to use networking capabilities on the .NET framework. This library is for you if you do not want to know too much about the underlying protocols yet you want to have a powerful toolchain for quickly building networking enabled applications.


This library can help you with the following components:

These libraries are developed to be as performant, stable and reliable as possible. In practice this means that this library will not require and utilize a single core only to receive data from a connected party.

Platform Support

At this moment the compiled libraries available at NuGet only target .NET Standard 2.0.

It is possible whatsoever to use this .NET Standard 2.0 library with .NET Framework 4.6.1 and onwards.



The Boerman.Networking library is available through NuGet. To install the library using the NuGet command line:

Install-Package Boerman.Networking


To install the library through the .NET CLI you can use the following command:

dotnet add package Boerman.Networking

Building From Scratch

As the library doesn’t have any fancy dependencies outside the .NET Framework you could clone the repo and you would be good to go.