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Thank you for checking out the documentation for the Boerman.FlightAnalysis project! This library is a powerful tool to process a flight track into information you can directly enter into your (EASA) flight log. The idea behind this library is that it should be possible to extract basic flight information based on automatic position reports broadcasted by systems like ADSB or Flarm. Another possibility would be to extract the flight log from the avionics systems and analyse these later using a specific tool.


The following features are currently available in the library:

Features which are planned to be implemented in the near future:

Platform Support

The compiled libraries are targeting .NET Standard 2. Therefore you can use these starting from .NET Framework 4.6.1.


The library can be added to your project in a number of ways:


The Boerman.FlightAnalysis library is available through NuGet and can be installed as follows:

Install-Package Boerman.FlightAnalysis


To install the library through the .NET CLI you can use the following command:

dotnet add package Boerman.Networking

Building From Source

You can always grab the source on GitHub and build the code yourself!