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The FlightContextFactory object is a factory wrapper around the FlightContext object. This specific wrapper will make your life easier when you have to process position information from multiple different aircraft at the same time.

Basic Example

To create a basic FlightContextFactory instance you can immediately use for flight processing:

FlightContextFactory factory = new FlightContextFactory();

How It Helps You

Why would you want to use the FlightContextFactory over the FlightContext object?

The FlightContextFactory object will instantiate a new FlightContext object for you each time information from a new aircraft is being detected. In order for this to work it is required that you use the aircraftId field on the PositionUpdate object to identify different aircraft! The FlightContextFactory will also clean up old information from aircraft which have been gone for a while in order to prevent high memory usage. Besides this the object subscribes to all events on each individual FlightContext instance and propagates them through the events available on the FlightContextFactory object so you will have a single endpoint to retrieve information for all different aircraft you’re tracking.

Available Events

These events are available on the FlightContextFactory object:

As the source from these events can be from an arbitrary FlightContext instance under the hood all relevant flight (and aircraft) information will be available through the event args objects available on the events.

Real-Time Monitoring

In order to keep track of multiple aircraft at the same time you can pass position information to the FlightContextFactory as soon as you receive it! Again, the same principles as used with the FlightContext are also being used here.

The FlightContextFactory will automatically handle position information based on the aircraft id associated with the position update.

FlightContextFactory factory = new FlightContextFactory();

// It's completely up to you where you get this data from!
PositionUpdate positionUpdate = new PositionUpdate(.....);


As soon as something interesting happens you will be informed by an event!

Batch Processing Data

In order to process a collection of data you can just pass a collection of position updates to the FlightContextFactory. It will take care of ordering the position updates by aircraft for you!

FlightContextFactory factory = new FlightContextFactory();

List<PositionUpdate> positionUpdates = new List<PositionUpdate>();
// I don't really care where you got this information from... Just fill the list!


Again, when something exciting happens an event will keep you informed!